About Vilnius


Vilnius is a city of many faces, of many names, of mysteries and contradictions. Some are surprised to find this gem of the Italian Baroque, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, in such a remote corner of the Europe, but in fact it is less than 20 kilometres from the geographic centre of Europe. There are so many cultures and national influences entangled and though today Vilnius is very much Lithuanian, but at the same time it is like a miniature Europe in one town. Come and discover it yourselves! Wander the streets and do not be surprised by a strange déjà vu – you have probably seen some corners on the big screen, since it was the location for many world famous films. Come to Vilnius to find the Europe, come to Vilnius to find your inspiration. Come to Vilnius to fall in love!

Vilnius has been ranked 4th in Europe as a city for fast-growth businesses. The list, compiled by influential US business publication Inc., explained that Vilnius outperformed the likes of Stockholm, London, Rome and Oslo thanks to its status as a financial centre and its focus on entrepreneurship. “As the capital of Lithuania and one of the largest financial centers in the Baltic region, it may not be so surprising that Vilnius also boasts some major small-business talent. While Vilnius is known for its iconic Old Town–the largest surviving medieval town in Northern Europe–the city has plenty to offer entrepreneurs of the future”.