About Lithuania


We Lithuanians love Lithuania, a country situated at the geographical centre of Europe, washed by the Baltic Sea, covered with dense forests and meandering rivers and lakes, respectful of its traditions, proud of the Lithuanian language, nurturing its UNESCO world heritage sites, and open to innovations.

Visit Lithuania and fall in love with our country.

Her are the reasons to visit Lithuania:

  1. For Vilnius old town

One of the largest and most beautiful. Vilnius old town is one of the largest (about 360ha with over 1,500 buildings) and most exquisite old towns in Central and Eastern Europe and the most northernmost capital city which took over the architectural styles of old Southern and Western Europe.
Assorted architectural styles. Vilnius ensembles of churches and palaces reflect Italian renaissance and baroque, the Russian Byzantine style, Jewish elements and even traces of pagan structures. Vilnius also has a Montmartre of its own – the Užupis Republic, the Mecca of artists with different galleries and art performances.
Cosy and very close. River banks talk to each other. This can happen only in Vilnius. What does one river bank say to the other? They confess love! Come and see yourself!

  2. For fragile, unforgettable and unique Neringa

Sands right in the middle of Europe? Unbelievable, but true! Over five thousand years ago the waves and winds of the Baltic Sea drifted dunes and eventually shaped the Curonian Spit – a stripe of land which separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The unique Neringa resort located on the Curonian Spit stretches for even 50 kilometres connecting the settlements of Juodkrantė, Preila, Pervalka and Nida.

  3. For unique traditions and authenticity

Baltic mythology and pre- Christian traits. Do you know who a priestess is? What have bees meant to Lithuanians until our days? (The word ‘bičiulis’, which means ‘friend’, derives from the word ‘bitė’, Eng. ‘bee’). Why is the oak-tree a holy tree? Why has fire been worshiped to date and considered the patron of home? Lithuanian old traditions and folk-lore stand out from the heritage of European nations for preserved links with Baltic mythology and pre-Christian lifestyle.
Distinctive music and dance traditions. We, Lithuanians, have original music instruments which you won’t find anywhere else: daudytė (embouchure aerophone), long shepherd’s horn audible dozens of kilometres away or wooden bells – wooden cow bells attached to a frame and beaten with sticks. All year round Lithuanian cities and towns host many traditional festivals. It’s always fun and exciting here!

  4. For Kernavė, which traces back ancient civilisation

The memory of ancient civilisation. To go back to very very old times you have to visit Kernavė – the distinctive site, which traces back the unique and extinct cultural tradition and civilisation. It boasts the Baltic States’ only complex of five mounds. Moreover, Kernavė is Lithuania’s ancient capital. Discover the ancient civilisation and ancient lifestyle.

  5. For remarkable natural environment

Organic products. Lithuanian forests are good for picking mushrooms and berries. Wild strawberries, bilberries and cranberries are fragrant with the scent of the forest and taste fantastic! Fishing in the river or lake is great entertainment and a valuable catch!

  6. For the fabulous castle surrounded by lakes

East Europe’s largest caste on an island. You can visit it in Trakai – Lithuanian capital of the sixteenth century situated near Vilnius. Surrounded by lake waters from all sides, Trakai Castle and the museum inside it proudly track back to the glorious times in Lithuanian history. You can reach the castle after passing two bridges across Galvė Lake!
And for an air balloon flight above Vilnius. For song and dance festivals. For monument to Frank Zappa. For the opportunity to unveil the iron curtain. For geographical centre of Europe. For unique SPA resorts. For gourmets’ pleasures and Entertainment. For amazing culture events. For The Hill of Crosses. For an air balloon flight above Vilnius.

You’ll have a brilliant remembrance from your stay in Lithuania!

Rise above city roofs and get a bird’s eye view of Lithuanian capital.