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The Faculty of Business Management strives to serve as a creativity-driven platform for business professionals and future entrepreneurs, since innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship clearly constitutes the key issues for contemporary business studies and advanced business careers. The Faculty strives to empower its students and the teaching faculty to promote creative thinking, take initiative in entrepreneurial ventures, and to continuously include new innovative approaches into the teaching process. The Faculty does its best to teach students to identify and convert market opportunities into workable, marketable, profitable and sustainable ideas and business achievements. Close collaboration and partnerships with Lithuanian and international businesses and organizations ensure that our students gain the most up-to-date knowledge and international experience that are essential for today’s employability and successful career prospects.

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Creativity and Business Innovation
International Business
Tourism Management

Creativity and Business Innovation Platform

Creativity and Business Innovation Platform (abbr. CBI Platform) is a flagship creativity and innovation-inspired research initiative established and forwarded by the Faculty of Business Management at Vilniaus Kolegija / University of Applied Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania. Creativity is a broadly used term in the context of innovation management, new product development, advertising, entrepreneurship, leadership and organizational management. In order to find answers for today’s complex strategic questions, businesses initiate their journey to find creative solutions to manage their change and exploit new opportunities. Therefore, creativity is essential not only for adapting to changing business contexts, but also for proactively making an impact on markets and industries. However, at this point businesses face a paradoxical situation. Today creativity is increasingly positioned at the core of competitiveness in the changing business setting; however, there is a gap of research and applicability issues concerning effective creativity management and development of practice-oriented approaches. Inspired by such research possibilities, our Creativity and Business Innovation Research Platform is an attempt to explore creativity as a core business paradigm to maximize future success opportunities in a complex and competitive business environment.